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Made in the U.S.A., Doc's Proplugs are preformed earplugs made of Dynaflex a soft hypoallergenic plastic. In addition to being latex free, and completely reuseable, the Proplugs will become even more flexible when warmed by the temperature of your ear and have memory properties to form fit to each individual's ear auricle. 95% of Doctors and ENTs recommend using Doc's Proplugs for bathing, swimming and extreme water sports.

Once fitted correctly, the Proplugs will form a watertight seal that contours with the movement of the jaw. This, plus the memory properties of the Proplugs provide an excellent seal that cannot be duplicated with hard molded, foam or even silicone putty

As the premiere water sport earplug designed and distributed by a surfing doctor, Doc’s Proplugs is committed to providing the best quality earplug for the ultimate ear protection for all water sport athletes. By spreading the importance of ear damage prevention our goal is to help people have fewer worries when doing the sport they love.

The benefits of wearing Doc's Proplugs are in the invaluable properties that help prevent damage to the ear and reduce hearing loss in many environments. Whether you are taking part in recreational activities, your everyday job, or if you are fortunate enough to combine both as a professional, Proplugs will ensure the protection you need to prevent long term hearing loss.

Doc's Proplugs are designed to be non-invasive, inexpensive, and long lasting. They are easily self-fitted and are ready to wear. Proper usage will help keep you in the water. With consistent use, they help prevent future ear problems such as:

• Swimmer's Ear (infection)
• Surfer's Ear (bony growth)
• Water-skier's Ear (ruptured eardrum)
• Musician's Ear (high-frequency hearing loss)


Instructions For Fitting Doc's Proplugs:
Fitting Doc's Proplugs (DPP) is worded for the right ear: Measure Auricle (Fig. 3 #3) with transparency (Fig. 1). Pick a DPP from Fitting Set engraved with size equal in size to black silhouette on sizing transparency. Grasp the DPP with right finger tip in the cup of the right DPP and pinch it with right thumb at the lower curved part (fig. 2). The arrow top (fin) of the DPP fits into the Crus Helix (Fig 3. #4). Twist with fingertip back and forth to make sure DPP is in tight between the Tragus (Fig 3. #1) and the Antehelix (Fig 3. #3). Do not jam rectangular knob into the right round canal.

Now, do the "HUM" test. HUM, and if the sound travel toward the right ear, you have the correct size. If the HUM test is negative, try a smaller or larger size. With the correct size DPP, the sound will be louder on the right side.

Where do you find a Sizing Transparency? When you order a Fitting Set you will also receive a sizing transparency.

What to do if you feel you are in between sizes? We recommend that you use the largest size that feels snug to you.

Proper Fit Is Key To Ensuring Maximum Comfort And Performance Of Doc's Proplugs
Check our list of retail dealers in you area for sizing
Ask your local ENT physician or a sports store about Doc’s Proplugs and asked to be fitted for your own custom earplug.
Visit Doc's Proplugs online Store for a Fitting Set and Combo Pack
For International customers: Check our list of Int'l Distributors